Sunday, June 26, 2011

Couz Syafi's 7th Bday celebration

It's abang Syafi's 7th birthday celebration. Seeing the 3D cake with three superheroes on top of it, makes Lizam want to play them especially when he sees a tiny green car that attracts him the most hehe...

The activity after meal is water slide bouncer where Lizam keeps on barking to play on the first step he's out from the car when we arrive at Selayun family's house. The funny thing is every-time we go there, Lizam is expecting slide bouncer & balloons hehe. Otherwise, he keeps on asking where are they~


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Welcome to the world Couz Ashraf

Finally, a long waiting of marriage, Aunty Nani & hubby is given a bundle of joy, a baby boy with the weight of 3kg. Ashraf is so fair and cute. He sleeps most of the time, when we came visiting.

Surprisingly, this time Lizam doesn't get so excited seeing Ashraf. He said that he scared. Or mayb there is a bit of jealously when seeing the newborn baby especially when he saw Umi tried to carry Ashraf, he got so mad. Hmmm.. wonder how he will react when he sees his own little brother/sister in several months later.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Silvina Nana's Wedding Day

The wedding reception held at LLRC. So amazed to see the alter, it's a custom-made conjunction of Silvina's logo, it was very nice and angelic looked.

The beautiful bride~

Silvina family

NiniBoy, NiniGal & MamaUsu were invited too


Friday, June 17, 2011

Silvina Nana's Nikah & Bebedak

A big congratulations to Silvina Nana and hubby~ Finally, she tied-a-knot with a man of her choice. Hope for both of your happiness eternally. Now, Silvina family is completed with marriage. But we are anticipating for a cute baby from hers ;)

At late afternoon is the Nikah ceremony

Continue at night with the Bebedak event


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lizam and kite

Lizam's first experience playing kite. The kite is made by NiniRimba. However, the kite is too big for him and every-time he tried to fly the kite, it didn't work then he got stressed-up a bit hehe. With the help of Ayah, Lizam was delighted and having fun holding the kite's thread and seeing the kite flew so high up to the sky.


Happy 67th Birthday NiniBoy

"Semoga sentiasa awet muda", this is what he always want to hear hehe..


Saturday, June 11, 2011

NiniBoy 67th Bday celebration

Umi & MamaUsu planned to celebrate Niniboy's surprise advance birthday party. Umi treated one night stay at Rizqun's hotel, whereas MamaUsu, a dinner buffet at Season's restaurant.

Before the dinner celebration we went to the swimming pool, just make use of the facility there and also bring Lizam to have fun playing with water.

That night, the dress code is Brown. However, the surprise birthday didn't go well, as usual there is a spoiler hehe... We celebrated Father's Day as well.


Saturday, June 4, 2011


Lizam always said to Umi every time he watched Timmy Time (one of his favorite cartoon), "Lizam want to go to school".

One day, there was a phone-call from one of school here offered a toddler group session. Umi thought the session would be like toddler group in one of school in BSB, where you have to leave adult/s to accompany your child. However, in this club, they encourage us to leave our children as there are teachers who can look after them. Furthermore, our kids can practice themselves before they go to real school later on.

13th May, 2011
For the first time, when Lizam entered the classroom, he got excited then ran to the toys and played LIGO with couples of toddlers. Ayah & Umi were surprised seeing Lizam was comfortable and happily played. We thought that Lizam has grown-up and becoming independence boy now. So, we asked Lizam to shake our hand and kiss good-bye, which he did! then we left. Delightful with Lizam's behaviour, we assume that Lizam is ready to go to school next year.

Unfortunately, when Ayah went to pick-up Lizam, he was crying! The teacher tried to calm him down by offering lots of fun activities but it didn't work! And we wondered why?! Is it because of the teachers or friends or what?! The teacher stated that Lizam started to cry after one of the kids there crying. But when we asked Lizam why, he didn't answer.

27th May,2011
We gave a second try, sending Lizam to that school again. From Lizam's looked and obvious behaviour, he didn't want to go there anymore. We had to drag him out from the car and to the classroom. Lizam started to cry heavily when he saw the room and didn't want to enter it at all! Even one of the teachers bribed him with a toy, he ignored it. Instead Lizam pulled Umi's hand back to the car and said that he didn't want to go to school! The puzzle is still unsolved~ Why?!

4th June, 2011
Umi is excited to continue surveying the right school for Lizam for next year. Thanks to MamaUsu for accompany Lizam & Umi to do the survey and gave opinions. Finally we went to the last school in our list. The location is convenience for Umi to send and pick-up Lizam to/after school. The school and surrounding is clean too. Lizam's first impression was excited seeing adult toddlers running around. "This is fun!", Lizam said. By hearing that it made Umi blissful. But his impression started to change when we went for a visit to Kindergarten classroom where group of toddlers singing & playing together. Lizam held Umi's hand so tight as if he didn't want to let it go! Bingo! The mystery is solved! Lizam is actually experienced a separation anxiety!

Now, every time we ask Lizam to go to school, he will said, "I don't want, Lizam cry~". Ayah & Umi become headache! Aiyooo~


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lizam's 3rd Birthday celebration

Lizam's 3rd birthday celebration this time is at RBRC, Poolside cafe. The birthday theme is Thomas and his friends. Umi specially ordered 3D Thomas and his friends cake. He loves with the theme and he even want to play the trains on his cake.

Lizam keeps on blowing his birthday candles for so many times. Ayah and others have to light up the candles regularly.

Lizam with cousins

Our medium-size family

The activity is where the children and parents play at the swimming pool and have fun.

Syahmi and Lizam can't wait to jump into the pool.. so cute~


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